Rob Alonzi

Front-End Web developer at Compass Digital Labs

Web developer at Alonzi

Hi there! I'm a web developer based in Toronto, Canada.

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  1. Current Focus

    These days, I find myself diving into all things Javascript, especially React. I'm also focused on learning and working with NodeJS as I work toward becoming a full-stack Javascript developer. I also like playing around with automation tools like webpack and Gulp.

  2. Past Work

    I've had the pleasure to work with many great clients over the past few years. Most recently, I developed Shents Renovations using React and Redux. I had a lot of fun improving the performance of Nuit Blanche Toronto, as well as being a part of the team that maintained The Canadian National Exhibition and FedEx Canada. I also helped the Condominium Authority of Ontario, as well as the Condominium Management Regulatory Authority of Ontario get online with temporary websites (which have been since taken offline). You can find out more on my resume.

  3. Things I've Made

    I'm always tinkering with small projects to either learn something new or improve my skills. My most recent examples are an NHL Lottery Simulator and a Weather App both made in React. I've also recently put together a Node chat application with MongoDB autentication. Feel free to check out out my Github to see what I've been doing in my spare time.

  4. When I'm not at a computer...'ll most likely find me at a rink or a ballpark, hanging out by the lake somewhere up north, or grabbing a pint with my buddies.